Sunday, October 6, 2013

Season Of The Brook Trout

Took the opportunity to fish a private stream this weekend, known for it's wild brookies and feisty rainbows. I have fished this river before with great results. I was hopping the early morning rain would run off and raise the river, stiring up the bottom and putting the fish into a feeding frenzy. My main drive was to try to get into some spawning brook trout. To make it short and easy, there were rainbow trout, and a few brook trout. Right below the man made dam i could see pods of small brook trout lining up for the spawn. It's very interesting to watch 6 inch brook trout spawn, because it looks like they were born only a year ago. I did hook into a much larger brook trout, around the 14 inch range, but fat as a football. He made a big run downstream and snapped my 6x tippet. I know where he is and i will get him another day. 

This Rainbow fell for a small pheasant tail.

Great Colors on this wild brook trout.